For over fifteen years I have provided couples, marital, and premarital therapy, and I have specialized training in:

  • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) by Dr. Susan Johnson,
  • Dr. John Gottman’s and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman’s Sound Marital House, and
  • Crucible Therapy and Four Points of Balance by Dr. David Schnarch and Dr. Ruth Morehouse

I have been effective in helping couples:

  • Increase effective communication
  • Decrease anger, hostility, sadness, emptiness, and loneliness
  • Experience love, understanding, empathy, and relational meaning
  • Prevent divorce and separation
  • Successfully handle conflict
  • Experience more intimacy as a couple
  • Understand how current relational issues may be connected to the past
  • Successfully engage in life and family transitions
  • Navigate infertility and assisted reproduction
  • Working in film, tv, entertainment, and arts